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I have always thought industrial piercings were amazing but was always too scared to actually get one. I finally built up the courage the summer after my freshman year in college. My three best friends and I went down to the mall excited for some new piercings. I was getting an industrial (finally) and one of my other best friends was getting her tragus done. Hers was more of a spur of the moment decision, but mine was something I’ve been waiting to do. It was the weekend of my birthday, so I was feeling extra courageous, which is why we finally took the plunge and went. Kirsten, my best friend went first. Holding her hand, the man piercing her ear counted to three and it was over in a hot second. Then it was my turn to sit in the chair. I had one best friend on each side holding my hands and one in front of me taking a video (so we could show it off later!) He explained how the piercing would actually happen, going through one side of my ear first, then through the other, but not too long in between. He started counting down from three and before I knew it I was half way done with my piercing!! It wasn’t near as bad as I had expected, so the next set of counting to three went much faster and the process was over before I could even feel pain! After getting the piercing I was so excited and wanted to show everybody!! I went to work that day and showed all of the people I work with! The next morning though, I woke up and my ear was so sore, it had bruised over night and swelled up, putting me in so much pain. There was no way I was taking my bar out though, because I had already gone through it so there was no way I was going to put all of the pain to waste! I kept cleaning my ear with salt water, and a very dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide, to ensure it wouldn’t get infected. Now, 6 months later, I am happy as ever and have an awesome piercing!