By: Karlie C.1419463215197I’ve had my industrial for over a year now and I’m in love with it. I got pierced with a needle and a silver bar. I won’t lie, it was very painful, but I don’t have a high tolerance for pain. It didn’t bleed when I got it done, but when I woke up the next morning there was some blood. I cleaned it about twice a day with some warm water and soap in a q tip and then I would mix sea salt with warm water and apply it. The sea salt helps to heal. The average healing time for an industrial is a year. An industrial is at a higher risk of infection because of shampoo and conditioner and things like that, so for a few weeks I would wear braids and headbands and try my best to keep my hair and hair products out of it. I would also try not to sleep on it because it would be extremely painful. I changed it 6 months after it was pierced and it was very painful. Despite my efforts, I had hair wrapped at the top of the bar underneath the ball. So when I pulled the bar down through my ear, all the hair came with it and it hurt a lot. Today, my piercing is completely healed up and sometimes it still hurts when I sleep on it, but it’s not bad. I clean it every now and then if I change it, which is a lot.

My nose piercing did not hurt as much as my industrial. It felt like a little pinch and made my eyes water. I got it pierced with a needle and an 18 gauge nose screw. A nose screw or “L” shaped jewelry is the best to have in for the healing process because it won’t fall out in bed while you are sleeping. I cleaned it the same way I cleaned my industrial. The average healing time differs from 3-6 months. I really wanted an actual nose ring, so I changed it really early in the healing process to a hoop with a ball on each end, kind of like a horse shoe. The balls were really hard to get on because they were so tiny, so I only put one on. It was really painful, but only because it wasn’t healed. A few weeks later, I got ready for school and noticed that it was half way in the piercing hole and half way out. My parents and piercer both told me to push it through all the way, but it was so painful and it already healed over, so I couldn’t. Then, my piercer told me to keep it out of my nose and wait for it to completely close or it wouldn’t pierce right. So I waited a few months and got it done again. It hurt a bit more this time because it was pierced through scar tissue and it was harder to pierce. But this time I didn’t change it until I felt it was a good time and when I did, I had both balls on.