Victoria J.

I am in love with the piercing art of things. The way you can pierce ears, up around , with industrial bars, horseshoe hoops, studs etc. And go in designs to your face, lips, belly, and body with dermal etc. I have a lot to share about this certain individual at this tattoo shop. His name is Chris. He is so down to earth. The moment I started seeing him for piercings, he makes you feel comfortable. He speaks openly to how he sees things. I wanted a brow piercing again; I once had long ago. I walked in asked if it should be on my left or right. He immediately said with the balance of my 2 piercings in my nose on the left to go the opposite side. Now I’m different from most because absolutely all my piercings I have sanitized first because I always purchase good real 14k quality gold from Each and every piece you look on my face, ears, belly is gold. Chris did such a quick swift pierce. No pain, no bruising on my areas done always. I adore him and will always be his returning customer as to my faithful where I purchase all my jewelry. Chris did remark how unique I am. He likes my different in choice to start and continue my piercings in good quality gold. He did remark how this sites quality every time I’ve purchase for him to sanitize the pretty clarity in diamond or CZ and quality I wear. I could never be happier with Chris and with Chris and I will forever be good friends. He couldn’t be more precise in his markings and eye for things. Also his tattooing is also amazing if you ever make it here to the lake of the Ozarks. His shop is called. “RABBITS FOOT!!. I today just had 2 Daith stud piercings on both ears also on my front helix. Couldn’t be more satisfied with cleanliness, price, and passion in his EYE!