The best ways to show off your perfect lips besides lipstick are lip piercings. Lip piercings have been around for ages and mainly started within South American and African cultures. This practice often used a plate inserted into a widely stretched hole at the bottom of the lower lip (Ouch.) symbolizing fertility and maturity.

With the evolution of this fashion staple, you now have multiple options to decorate your piehole, no stretching required. Unless you want! 😀 Here’s a chart to show you the way:


Labrets, Monroe and Medusa piercings are by far the most popular. A labret is a stud that sits at the bottom of your lower lip. The Monroe sits at the top where Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark was located (hence, the name) and the Medusa sits right in your cupid’s bow.

Vertical Labret piercings are on the rise to popularity involving a curved barbell that goes through your bottom lip. Often the same barbell used for the eyebrow ring.

Snake, Spider, Angel, Cyber, Dolphin, Dahlia, Canine, and Shark bites all involve multiple piercings around the lips accentuating your mouth’s beauty from all angles.