Karen From Oaklahoma


So I decided to get my industrial pierced one random Friday night it was raining, my friends and I had plans to go out but those plans went sour due to the rain. So what else better to do than stay home in the rain? Go get some new holes and ink in your skin. The four of us headed down to the tattoo shop and it was pretty packed in there LOL. I guess we all had the same idea. My friends were looking through all of the tattoo art work to see what they were going to get, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I have a few tattoos but I didn’t want another one I cant take the slow long pain lol so I knew I wanted something pierced, I just didn’t know what. After talking to a few people that were in the shop I decided on the industrial piercing. I was extremely nervous as when I sat down as the piercer was explaining the process of the piercing to me, I don’t deal with pain to well either. When he began to pierce my ear the first hole wasnt too bad but I could hear the cartilage ripping when he pierced the second hole, it didn’t hurt much until the next day it was a bit hot and swollen but it was fine after that. I love changing the bars there are so many cute options.