By Lynn M. from Coos Bay, OR

Lynn's eyebrow ring

I was already running late to my new job with only moments to spair before my new boss bombarded me with my daily duties assigned to a newly hired page planner at our towns local paper. I was not expecting to encounter the man of my dreams via high heal collision in the businesses foyer. We crashed into one another sending stacks of papers flying upward as my butt fell downward sending one shoe off towards the elevator that promptly closed shut. (I never did get the shoe back).

He stared at me with those dreamy baby blue eyes framed with studded sexiness. He smiled a crooked grin reaching his hand out to help me up undoubtedly quicker on his toes than I.

I took in his tasteful placement of studs and tattoos unable to take my eyes off that sexy smile for a minute. I don’t know who spoke first but we wound up eating lunch together that day and the next followed by spacers and tong studs placed by Brad himself. He was a journalist that expressed himself not only in his writing, but with his piercings and tattoos that told a story of there own. He had an interesting pass time tattooing teens struck with cancer in a program similar to make a wish but it did ink and piercing.

Tragically Brad passed away himself a year later in a car accident hit by a drunk driver. Here is my first eyebrow ring piercing he ever did on me….the others my husband wont allow me to post, but they were done by a pro in good taste:) Today I know many lives were touched by Brad and I am researching how to start a foundation to fund body art for ill people that cant afford to express themselves the way Brad loved to express himself.