Genessa N.


My name is Genessa and I am 48 years old. For many years I have wanted to get my nose pierced. I have a daughter now 24 years old that when she was in high school she and I wanted to go together and get our noses pierced. I contacted the school system due to the “school clothing policy” states no piercings other than ears and if you are a boy you can not wear gauges. So that ruled out her being able to get her nose pierced when it was her 16th birthday. So I let it go for the longest time and one day while on Facebook I saw a picture of a pretty lady around my age with her nose pierced and said to my husband again years later that I still wished I had gotten my nose pierced so he looked at me and said “let’s go” and I said “I am too old to get my nose pierced I am 48 years old”. Now I am a 48 year old redhead with plum highlights in my hair curvy woman who turns heads. Everyone loves my hair they think it is cool looking to have “purple” in it. So I sat for a few days and thought about it and I decided to go on a “group” page we are on with Facebook and ask everyone if they thought I was toooooo old to get my nose pierced. So on a Friday I went on the group in July and asked this group….it is a “sensual,relationships group” where we discuss everything about relationships. I have been married for 27 years to the most amazing man. EVERYONE in the group told me “hell no you are not too old you would look beautiful with your nose pierced – very sexy”. So that night he and I talked about it again and I inconvenienced myself that I did want to do it so I already had the place picked out they did a rook piercing for me a couple of years ago and I wanted to go back there. So on Saturday we were to go to my husband’s best friends birthday party and on the way to the party we drove the way we usually go to their house which drives right by the tattoo/piercing place. So we turn on the street and he throws on the blinker and turns into their parking lot and says “let’s go”. I just laughed and said “come on let’s go to the party” and he said to me “NO you are going to get your nose pierced you will be beautiful with it”. So inside we went and I picked out a clear stud and got my nose pierced. Instantly went outside in the beautiful sunshine and took a picture to post on Facebook to show all my friends. EVERYONE thought it was so cool that I, at 48, went and got my nose pierced. So we arrived at the party and everyone was shocked I had done it. Everyone at the party thought it was cool that me at my age went and got my nose pierced and I LOVE IT. I have purchased 3 nose screw’s from Body Jewelry and I love them all and plan to purchase a couple of more in the next month. I only wear actual gold so mine are a little more expensive than most but they are definitely worth it coming from Body Jewelry their quality is the best!