By: Tonya From: California



It was right after my 21st birthday. I had already had a bit more extreme nipple rings, but I always get giddy and nervous before any piercing. I had finally decided to get my tongue pierced. I had a shop and piercer I was comfortable with, he’d done all my piercings up till then, so I was relaxed around him. I remember him telling me from my last piercings, I needed to eat before I came in. So I took his advice and stopped at the Jack in the Box across the street before going in. Chicken Nuggets and fries and a soda. I thought I had done good, lots of starch, but I forgot the sugar for the adrenaline rush!


So after a few friends joined me, we walked into the shop just before closing. He assured me it would be done and over fast. Sat me in the chair and got me ready. I sat there with my nervous jitters before I closed my eyes and felt that sting. It was done! Nothing close to the pain I expected.

With my adrenaline going, I immediately jumped up to look into the mirror on the wall, admiring my bloody new piercing. “I need you to sit down hun.

We’re almost done. Just gotta put on the ball and keep an eye on you for a minute. Make sure you don’t go into shock.” I felt great! I felt like a little bad ass! So I sat back down with a big smile on my face.


I suddenly started to feel tired. My friend said my face went white and I laid my head back. I just felt so tired! “I need you to keep your eyes open hun.” I almost couldn’t. I just felt like taking a nap right then and there.

Then SHWOOP! I got half a tab of smelling salts. It burned like chlorine and I immediately shocked awake. He gave me the second half in my half awake shock and made me shudder again from the burn. “Forgot to eat huh?” My friend had to speak for me since my tongue had started to swell. I felt so stupid for forgetting to eat something sugary. I attempted to eat a snickers my piercer brought be from the candy case out front of the shop, but my new tongue ring made my swollen kept me from chewing, so i got a pack of skittles instead and swallowed a few like pills before putting a few in my cheeks and sucking on them.


I have to say I was swollen for about a week. Stuck with mash potatoes and soups. Second week I could chew softer foods and by about a month later I was eating with no problems. So moral of my horror story? EAT SOME SUGAR