Zoe H.


I was 15 years old, and it was around the time of my birthday, so I asked my mom if I could get my tongue pierced. She said no, and I asked her why. She said I was too young and she wouldn’t sign for it. So the following weekend I went to stay with my best friend (who was 18 at the time), and I asked my mom for some money. She gave me 20$. And dropped me off. My friend and I went to the mall and I saw the piercing shop across from the the store I was in. I asked her if she’d sign for it and she agreed, however , the shop was insanely expensive and wanted to charge me 70$ for it. So i was kind of upset. We were walking away and came across a booth with lots of body jewelry and I was looking at it and he asked if I was looking for anything, and I asked him if he did piercings and he said “no, but I sell needles and jewelry.” So I gave my money to my friend she signed for the needle and the ring and we went home. I asked her boyfriend to pierce it for me. He said no…but he would find someone who would. I didnt want to wait that long so i went into the bathroom, and pierced it myself. It didnt hurt but it swelled up. And my mom found out the next day, and purposely took me to golden corral knowing i couldn’t eat anything. So it was basically a win/lose situation xD