Rene V.


A piercing is something you have to love to get for yourself. Often I’ve gotten compliments on my industrial barbell piercing and all the fun and different earrings to use. I decided to get my piercing with my sister in law and we were both very nervous given the fact that its not something we were at all familiar with obviously as far as pain goes. We went to Van Nuys in CA, a drive away from where we were coming from (Los Angeles). I did my research and found someone who was going to give us a good deal on it including a free earring. As I sat and watched my SIL bleed like crazy when she got her industrial piercing (everyone is different of course!), I was very nervous. As I sat ready for my turn, I must say it was one of my most painful piercings I’ve gotten but so worth it! The piercing isn’t for everyone of course and I’m sure I’ve gotten my fair share of stares from adults but it’s your body LOVE it and EXPRESS it the way you feel necessary! My industrial piercing was something I wanted for myself and felt would be a fun new accessory to ME and three years later I am still very much in love with how it looks and continue to shop on places like for fun and cute earrings. It’s funny too because on my right ear were i decided to get my piercing I’ve noticed as a child my ears were slightly pointy (yes almost elf like) which people found amusing and now more than ever do i see that this is a feature of mine that stands out like crazy, but again something that i know sets me apart and makes me even more unique. My key barbell i purchased on body and has to be one of my favorites and comes in so many pretty colors! To all who have thought about or second guess getting a piercing afraid because of what some might think, do it! Love yourself for who you are no matter the circumstances, you’ll be a happier person if you do. 🙂