By Rita J. from Mississauga, Ontario Canada

So the night was young, the day was done, my hair was newly dyed blonde, and was itching for a piercing. I called up my good friend, nicknamed piercing buddy Wendy, and off we went downtown to get the itch to go away. We had gone to the same piercing place for a number of years and after a phone call to our favorite piercer James, we were on our way. As I approached the studio, I my breathing was quickly becoming faster and I was getting so excited. We walk into the studio and filled out the paperwork. Of course I was over the age so it was merely a matter of a signature and a matter of payment. I had decided on an industrial piercing through my left ear, something that had intrigued me since I first saw it. My mother aptly referred to this piercing as a paper clip piercing. I didn’t care- I wanted it.

Not that my parents were for me doing anything to my body in terms of piercings. My mother and father are both very conservative people and the thought of something so out of the norm was so foreign and strange to them. I was about to prove them wrong. After a short wait in the lobby, James came out and gave me and Wendy a big hug. “What are you in for today?” he asked with a huge smile on his face. “An industrial,” I stated. His eyes lit up and off I went into the back to his office where he prepped the equipment as well as my ear. Wendy came into the room as well. He marked the spots where he would be putting the holes before the jewelry went in. My heart quickly jumped a beat. It was actually happening! After a moment or two was the moment of truth. “Are you ready?” he asked. “Of course,” I said with a smile. Thank goodness I had closed my mouth afterwards. I am not sure what happened but as soon as he put the needle to my ear and pierced through the delicate skin, a geyser of blood started blowing and even got the back wall! James was covered! As the professional he was, he kept his cool while I freaked out at the liters of blood gushing from my ear. It was an interesting experience for sure.