Grandma Pierced What?!OMG

I am 47 years old. A Mother, Grandmother, and I have lots of piercings. Now I know what you are thinking..”OMG!.. you are TOO OLD to have all of those piercings!!” or maybe.. “You are a should NOT have all of those piercings!!”
Well, First of all, why is it anyone’s business how I choose to look?? I currently have denim blue hair and 6 facial piercings..( I also have my tongue pierced, my nipples pierced, six ear piercings, and both lobed stretched to a 0 gauge,..) So when I say six, I am only counting the obvious ones on my face. I did all of my piercings myself, except for my tongue and nipples, and I did them less than a year ago. And do you know what?!.. I LOVE them !! I would not go back and change a thing. I love who I am now. Please understand something, I am not trying to look younger, and I am not in denial about my age or the fact that I am a Grandmother. I simply believe that we should be able to express ourselves however we want, regardless of age or anything else. If it is not hurting anyone, be yourself!! Be who YOU want to be, and stop worrying about what society tells you we are supposed to be, or how we are supposed to look.
I guess I should go back in time a little to help you understand what kind of person I am..I have always been strange, different/unique/weird.I never followed trends growing up, in fact I was the one that started a lot of the ones in my high school.. I wore ripped jeans before they were considered cool or”designer”, I came up with hairstyles that no one else had, I wore lace tops and an army jacket together. I wasn’t trying to be cool, I didn’t care about fashion,I did not care what anyone thought of me-I was just being ME!
Now let’s flash forward to today. 2017.. We have come a very long way.People have become much more accepting, and they do not judge others as harshly as they used to for things like the color of your skin, sexual preference, or religious beliefs, just to name a few. Regardless of these awesome advances in how society treat people for their differences, even now, when I go out in public, it is amazing how many people stare at me, give me dirty looks,and whisper to each other..some even say things to me like “why would you do that to yourself?!”.. It doesn’t bother me, because I still do not care what people think of me. It just makes me very sad that people can still be so closed-minded. Why do they care what color my hair is or how many piercings or tattoos I have? I guess some things never change.