By: Kristi From: Orlando, FL


I just finished my senior year in high school and I have always wanted my belly button pierced, but since I got my first tattoo without my mother’s consent I figured I would ask her this time if I was able to do something else to my body. She agreed and said that she will take me to get it pierced, I was extremely excited and nervous to get it done. I did as much research as possible watching every youtube video under the sun about belly button rings and belly button piercings and it didn’t seem too bad. Most of my friends have their belly buttons pierced so it couldn’t be too bad right? My mom and I finally went to a tattoo shop down near the beach and it was packed so having to wait to get pierced made me extremely anxious but when I finally made it in the seat the piercer was absolutely amazing. He was making jokes and talking me through the piercing so that I would be comfortable. He explained to me that he wasn’t going to do the piercing with clamps which I was a bit nervous about because in my search I saw that almost all piercers use the clamps. He marked my stomach, told me to take a deep breath in he counted to 3 and told me to breathe out and I barely even felt a thing. There wasn’t even much blood after the piercing. I must say for my first body piercing aside from my ears it was a pleasant experience and I look forward to getting more piercings.