By Zoe R. from Prescott, AZ

In almost any situation I find myself in, people always ask me about my bridge piercing. The most common question is just “did that hurt?” to which the answer is always “no, it hurt even less than my ear lobe!” This is true, but I definitely don’t mention that fact that right before I was about to get it pierced, I turned into the world’s hugest chicken, and was convinced it was going to hurt worse than anything. I was sitting outside the shop, debating whether to get my lip or my bridge pierced, but feeling way too afraid to get either one. After ten minutes of floundering around, the piercer came outside and asked me what I was doing. I explained it to him, and told him I didn’t think I was going to get anything pierced that day. He shrugged and walked back inside, and I thought I was off the hook! Five minutes later, he came back out and said “come on. You’re going to get your bridge pierced.” It turned out that as I was sitting nervously outside, he had decided for me and set it up. And I am so glad he did. My bridge has given me problems, but it’s still a great piercing.

Lately, I have been looking everywhere for gold plated jewelry that doesn’t cost a fortune, but really was not having any luck. The only other site that offered (sort of) inexpensive gold jewelry only sold it in 14 gauge, and I wear 16. It’s very difficult to find gold jewelry that’s not custom made or that isn’t pure gold (both of which can cost hundreds of dollars). The only gold jewelry that I found besides that was just colored steel, which didn’t look real at all.

I was really happy when I found’s website, where I got exactly what I was looking for, for super cheap! The selection was good, and the prices were even better. Other sites offered gold jewelry for somewhere around twenty dollars, plus shipping, but I bought my barbell for less than ten (including shipping) on The barbell came really quickly (it was promised in 1-3 days and it arrived in 3) and it looks great. The gold plating is nice, and looks beautiful. I am so happy I ordered with, and will definitely be ordering again as soon as possible.