By Nikki C. from USA

Since the age of 11, I had wanted my tongue pierced. I am an impatient person so waiting until I turned 18 to get it pierced was completely out of the question. When I was 16 a good friend and myself were on the same page of getting our tongues pierced around Halloween. My friend was luckier than I b/c her older sister signed for her to get her tongue pierced. I had no one to sign for me b/c no one agreed to sign for such. The only thing my mom would sign for is my for my belly button to get professionally pierced. Well, I knew this girl in one of my classes that had an older boyfriend who did piercings on the side. She told me how much he would charge to get it done and from there we set a date. I was to get it done on a Friday night and I made sure my good friend had access to one of her parents cars to drive me there. My mom had given me a curfew and off I went that night. Things were running a tad bit behind b/c I had to wait for the girl’s boyfriend to get home before we headed over (from my house to this guy’s house was about a 20-25min trip). The time came to where he was home and me and my friend finally found his house in this huge neighborhood he lived in. Now, this girl and her boyfriend were into the gothic style big time. So when I walked into his room he had me sit on the mattress that was on his floor while he turned his t.v. on that had a recorded tape of some kind of gothic head banging music that kind of freaked me out honestly. I don’t get freaked out very easily, but you have to consider that I’m only 16 and I’m letting a guy to whom I don’t even know pierce my tongue to some weird ass music video HAHAA.

The only barbell he had was a sleigh ring to top it off. But after it was all said and done my piercing looked great and it cost me about $20 or $30. By this time it was past 11pm and I knew my mom was going to have a shit fit once I got back home. Once I got back home my mom was beyond pissed at me for being past my curfew. I had to watch how wide my mouth got when I talked to her so she didn’t see this long sleigh ring barbell flapping around in my mouth. I hadn’t looked at myself before walking into the house so I had no idea that my mouth was a little puffy. My mom thought I had ran past my curfew b/c I was giving a guy head or something!!! She kept asking me if I had “kissed” a guy b/c my lips and mouth were puffy. I just laughed b/c she actually thought that. She stayed pretty mad at me the rest of the weekend and I stayed grounded (I was always grounded….even at age 16) for days b/c I came home late that Friday night. Sad thing is that I only had my piercing for about 2 and 1/2 months before someone at my school told on me and the principle made me take it out, and then they called my mom to tell her. WTF!?? Man was she pissed. She came to the school to pick me up and once we got home I was forced to get naked so she could see that I didn’t have any other piercings anywhere else, or any tattoo’s for that matter. Once I was 18 though I went and got my tongue re-peirced : P