By Lauren P. from San Marcos, TX

Lauren's Tragus Earring

I already had a conch piercing, a tragus piercing, a helix, a nose, and two cartilage piercings; I was ready to have something hat completed the set. I was SO terrified to get my rook pierced. So I finally chocked up enough courage to get it done, and it wasn’t bad at all. I barely even felt it. So I went along, happy with my new rook piercing, and one morning I wake up and it’s gone. It fell out of my ear while I was sleeping. I couldn’t push it back through that morning, and being a theater major I basically have no free time to even eat, much less go to a piercings shop. I moved things around and finally got like 30 minutes to run to the piercing shop. They told me they had to taper it through, and for those of you who don’t know that means they shove a needle that progressively gets bigger and bigger as it goes along. Needless to say, it was really really painful. Then my piercer had to try to push the jewelry through…four different times. He kept grabbing the wrong size bar or he would drop it. So after having the jewelry shoved through my ear four different times, after having it freshly re-pierced, I finally have my rook jewelry in my ear…hopefully for quite a while.