By: Theresa From: Michigan



All of my piercings were pretty average they weren’t spur of the moment or anything they were all well planned and thoroughly thought about, but when I got my lip ring that was a result of a lost bet. I had been telling my best friend for the longest that I wanted to get my lip pierced and I never really got around to it and it was going to be my first facial piercing. I have an industrial, rook, and belly ring but nothing in my face so I was pretty nervous. Well obviously I lost the bet and had to get my lip pierced. We went over and saw my piercer Ricky who was surprised to see me so soon, my best friend came with me to record me getting it done and so that she can gloat about it later. I sat down on the piercing table and began to sweat like crazy my hands wouldn’t stop shaking I was so worked up about getting this piercing done, I almost punked out until my friend decided to get her lip pierced too to kind of help calm me down and it worked. The piercing really wasn’t that bad yes it hurt and hurt bad but it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating it to be. I love my lip ring, I want to add another one to the other side.