By Samantha P. from Highmount, NY

My body ached for change. I needed a fix. Remembering one of my friends works at a sweet place. So, I called my friend to converse. He decided the same. We were on a mission.

We drove over two hours to this place. My friend opened the place up just for us to explore and spend as much time as we needed. I think I spent hours looking a tattoos. I am a very distract-able person. Kind of annoying, but I am adventurous. As I said earlier, my friend wanted to get a few things done too. So off we went, to the middle of no where, in a barn designed for tattoo artists and piercing artists. This was an experience.

I decided to go get my nipple pierced for the third time. Trust me, my nipples are not sensitive to piercings yet. I had already spent three months with one pierced nipple, after it fell out and healed overnight. Such a shame, but what a great excuse to go.

After getting my nipple pierced, I still wanted more. Then I got my belly button pierced and then the artist introduced me to dermal’s.

It was on like chicken bomb.

Drooling with desire, I got a sparkly pink jem right in the middle of my chest. The artist was happy as well as my friend, so I didn’t freak out at my rash decision to get this done. We stayed, had a few drinks by a fire and eventually went home to show off the new jewels.

Anywhere and everywhere, people ask me about the dermal. Just yesterday, the cashier at the grocery store asked me, “Did it hurt”? Common question, easy response, “No”.

Trust me, I love all my piercing, but I absolutely love having a jewel in this area, because I always have a conversation starter and the added bonus of never worry about necklaces.

Needless to say the kids at the Daycare always want to play with the dermal, as if it were a shiny button. It is not so cute when they try and pull it out. Needless to say my friend got his lip done and he looks sexy. Piercings are sexy. So, why not try the lovely dermal?