My experience with my first lip piercing was exciting but scary at the same time. The piercer that pierced my lip put in a barbell that was short, so my lip begin to swell massively.

It had pus coming out and it was both gross and very scary.  I actually begin to fear the worse that infection had set in and  I was going to have to remove my piercing until it healed.  Heck, I even wanted to be rushed to the hospital because I’d never experienced anything like this before. I began to research and even ask a few people I knew with the same piercing if they had this happen to them, but everyone had different replies. I called around from place to place and even asked the piercer what should I do? His answer was “Continue to clean it!”

 I felt helpless with nothing to do except take my piercing out and have a scar for life to remember this piercing. At this point, I hated my new piercing.  Doing more research, I found out that there are other cleaning solutions available to clean piercings. I spoke with someone from and  I was told that the barbell that I was pierced with could have been too short and I needed a longer barbell so that my piercing had room to heal, they also supplied me with Dr. Piercing aftercare Q-tip solution to rub around my piercing, and that worked perfectly!!! I later went back to the piercer and had him put on a longer barbell so that my piercing could heal properly.  I am really happy that I ran into because they were so knowledgeable about the whole process.