Bartholomew M.

When I was in 2nd grade, I had a cousin who was a couple years younger than me, whose father (my uncle), was a big biker/truck driver. He was all tattooed and let his son get a stud when he was really young. Once I saw that I wanted one myself, and my parents let me. I got a diamond stud and thought I was the coolest kid around. I’m not quite sure how long I wore it, but I do remember my second piercing which started my journey to always wearing earrings. My second hole was in my right lobe to match the hole on the left from when I was younger. I was 16 at the time and I and my cousins were at the local mall and I told them I wanted my other ear pierced.

Well, me being under 18 I wasn’t allowed to get a piercing without a parent. To get around this obstacle I made my older cousin say I was his younger brother. Well, the person behind the kiosk wasn’t having it. So now I had to put on my thinking cap, I walked around the mall for a bit and randomly asked an older woman to pretend to be my mom. She went along with it! I remember filling out the paperwork and whispering to her, “what’s our last name?” After that day I always wore two earrings, mainly 16g horseshoes. My next piercing came when I was about 21 and always fancied a cousins cartilage piercing for many years. I went to the mall with an ex-girlfriend and got my left cartilage done. I still remember how long that took to heal, it would hurt sleeping on my left side, it lasted months and months until I was finally able to sleep how I want and the keloid bump went away, but it is my favorite piercing that I have.

My aunt got me a stainless hoop with a turquoise stone completing the hoop. I wore it for 4 years before the glue behind the stone finally fell out. Now I have the rainbow music cleft in, which I love. The next set of piercings I got came after me and two friends went and saw the first “Hunger Games” movie. I remember seeing Lenny Kravitz in the film with 3 lobe piercings on each side and installs fell in love with how it looked. Not long later I and my friends went to the mall and I got another hole on each side. I remember getting home and telling my mom to put in an extra set of horseshoe earrings I had and she almost fainted because the gauge they pierced me with was most likely a 20g and I was trying to put in 16g. She said she couldn’t do it and I was forced to do it myself. They took a while to heal but I loved having 2 holes on each side. The last piercing I got was something I always wanted but never had a reason to get it until I saw a girl I had a huge crush on with the industrial. I met her on a vacation and when I went back home it only took a month before I loaded my car up with my best friends and told them what I was getting. They all wanted to watch and see how bad it was going to hurt.

We drove up to the mall which had a shop that did specialized piercings and I told the girl what I wanted and she said have a seat. A couple of my friends were browsing the shop and the other two came behind the curtain to see my face when the needle went through both sides. Much to their surprise, I didn’t even flinch, it went through seamlessly without a hiccup. She threw in a bar and said not to take it out for at least 6 months. Well much like my other piercings I didn’t listen. My friend’s girlfriend had an industrial and an extra bar she said she’d give me, it was a black bar with a ball and spike on the other ending looking like an arrow. I sat down on the stairway and let her change out the standard bar the shop had given me.

That piercing took a while to heal where it wouldn’t “freeze” in my ear due to crusting on both sides. I also had to overcome the keloids which took a couple months to finally go away. I recently just changed my bar after over two years keeping the arrow, I bought some ends that have to mean in my life, I have a white acrylic ball with spades over it and a gold plated dice on the other end. Those are all the piercings I have and every hole has special memory attached to it, the last one I would like to get would be the conch and once I find the time and take the step to get my last hole I will not hesitate, I’m not sure when that will be because I don’t have any interest in any more piercings so I kinda like saving this last one for a special occasion.