By Tracy S. From: San Diego, CA




My first piercing was when I’d turned 18 and had already gotten my first tattoo and I really wanted a belly button ring, for a while but I was always too scared to actually do it. I was out with my cousin and his girlfriend and I really wanted my belly button pierced. I’ve always wanted a belly button ring but I never had a body piercing besides my ears and I was so scared of the pain. My cousins girlfriend had her belly  button pierced for years and told me it wasn’t that bad and that we were going to do it today! I was excited and nervous all at once. So we later went out in search of a tattoo shop that I could get it pierced at, we came across a shop that had a grand opening and was doing free piercings I just had to pay for the jewelry I thought hey that’s a great deal I guess I should just get it done. I was extremely nervous so nervous that I had to hold my cousins hand, I sat down in the chair the piercer marked my stomach for the piercing and put the clamps on (which hurt more than the piercing did) and bam it was over before I knew it. For my first piercing it wasn’t too bad it didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated but it was still painful. I am now 24 and I have 4 other piercings. I absolutely love my body piercings.