Lonyea D.


So I got my anti-eyebrow pierced about a month ago. I love my piercing and I’ve always wanted the micro dermal but instead, I got the anti eyebrow because I am able to change the jewelry. I have a high pain tolerance. I realized it after I got my anti-eyebrow done. My belly was pierced in September. I also got my Marilyn Monroe and nose pierced again around Easter. Then I decided to get the anti eyebrow. I was very nervous at first, I was iffy about getting it done. I thought it was going to hurt but it didn’t. The person who did my anti eyebrow charged me $30 to do it, including the jewelry. She was a professional piercer she just did them out of her house to make more money. I had 2 friends with me. One of my friends got her Marilyn Monroe pierced. And the other friend of mine got her bottom navel. My friend that got her Marilyn Monroe pierced went first, and I went second when I got my anti eyebrow. She asked me where I wanted it. Then she cleaned the surface of it. I held my friend’s hand, and my piercer marked where I were getting it, she clamped it and counted to 3. 1,2,3 & it was done. It was a little pop and it bled a lot which made it hard for her to screw the ball on. She kept wiping it with a Q- tip to stop the bleeding. Then she screwed the ball on and it was done. After it was done, I was able to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After the needle went through I kind of felt dizzy because I were losing a lot of blood under my eye. So I sat in front of the fan because I got very hot. And I cooled down a lot. It was also very hot outside that day and I had to get on the city bus. And I’ve had it a month now and I can actually say I love my piercing! Its been kind of hard trying to find jewelry for it online. I’ve been looking for small diamond jewelry. But I was told that I can use eyebrow jewelry for my anti eyebrow piercing. I received an email about sharing my story so I decided maybe I could share it. I also have a clear picture of my piercing. I hope you enjoyed reading my story.