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Septum piercings have become all the rage these days from simple rings to CZ embellished fan style clickers. While some go for the gusto and take the needle through the nose, others aren’t so daring. For those who prefer to stay away from the needles or just want to try it out before they commit you can still get the look without actually getting the piercing. We at BodyJewelryOnline offer a wide variety of clip-on septum rings that showcase your unique side and can be worn whenever you wish and taken off with ease. While piercings have become much more accepted in today’s society some employers still prefer you not to wear them while at work. So that being said these are great because you can pop them in anytime you feel like wearing it. Going out tonight? Want to take your look up a notch? Pop in a beautiful opal or CZ accented septum clip and get noticed for your cutting edge style. I myself recently took one for a spin and got a lot of positive reactions. I wear it sometimes when I go out and people ask me if it’s real, you definitely can’t tell the difference : )


Septum Nose Ring - Non-Piercing Micro w/Opalite Stone - Nose & Cartilage Fitment
Septum Nose Ring – Non-Piercing Micro w/Opalite Stone – Nose & Cartilage Fitment
Jamie shows you how to look amazing using clip ons IG @Jaimeleigh2222

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Getting a piercing is a big decision, but there are many ways that you can test and enjoy having a piercing without the pain. We can help with the best advises, deals and promotions. 

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