Eyebrow piercings became fashionable in the early 80s and haven’t looked back since then! There really isn’t any deep cultural connection or meaning to it, these piercings are just to please our sense of aesthetics. Eye brow rings draw attention to the upper face and specifically eyes, opening up our eyes and further intensifying the gaze.

Eyebrow rings are enchanting little pieces of jewelry that are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. The piercings are usually made near the outer part of the eye brow but that really isn’t a rule. Eye brow piercings have been seen closer to the bridge of the nose and right under the outer side of eyebrows as well. This last one is commonly called the anti-eyebrow piercing. The fact remains that eyebrow piercings are a great addition to any face.

The most common eyebrow rings designs are made as eyebrow barbells or eye brow bars and captive rings.

  • The Eyebrow Bar: This is the simplest and commonest form of jewelry that people prefer to wear on their eyebrows. The reason for their popularity is that eyebrow bars are available in a multitude of designs, colors and funky shapes. The discerned customer can always have their set with a diamond. And everyone else can buy them with any stone, color and material they like. These are available as straight brow bars and curved bar bell and both the designs can be used in a horizontal as well as a vertical eyebrow piercing.
  • Eyebrow Rings: These too are available in a wide variety. There are ball closure rings, smooth segmented rings and circular barbells to suit every taste. These are great for keeping your piercings feeling great if you are having difficulty with the barbells. These too can be made in titanium, gold or polished steel according to the customer’s choice.

Both the types of eyebrow ring designs have their own benefits. It is best to ask the person performing the piercing to select one to suit your face and of course ask them for different design options in the chosen designs.