I lived my entire life content (22 years!) with my ears pierced ever since I was a little kid. But it wasn’t until I was 21 and starting to feel a little rebellious, I thought about getting my tongue pierced. The thing about me was that if it was something as “extreme” as getting my tongue pierced, I needed to do it ASAP or I’d chicken out! I asked one of my friends who used to work in a tattoo and piercing shop on the side for recommendations on where to get it done. I ended up not listening to anything he said and went out and found another tattoo and piercing shop that was closer to where I lived.

I woke up on Friday morning, told my sister to come with me for moral support, and drove to the shop. I walked in at a little past 12 pm when the shop opened and told the man at the counter that I wanted to get my tongue pierced. He called to someone in the back named Lisa and she came out to go over the logistics of it. After everything was signed, we went to the back room and she looked at the webbing under my tongue. She told me it would be quite dangerous if they pierced through that so she had to go around it and I was totally fine with it, I just wanted it done! I was a little worried about getting hurt if she did get the webbing though, not gonna lie. But I suppressed my worry and trusted her! She marked my tongue and when I gave her the OK, she brought out the clamp and the needle. I squeezed my sister’s hand as Lisa clamped my tongue. Breathe in, breathe out… I held onto my sister’s hand and Lisa quickly stuck the needle through my tongue. I barely felt a pinch and before I knew it, Lisa was screwing the balls onto the end of the barbell. She told me about the aftercare procedure and I was done.

I finally did something out of the norm for a typically average Asian-American girl that was normally wouldn’t do anything crazy. I was able to hide my tongue piercing from my mom for a couple weeks, but she saw the silver ball and the jig were up. However, I don’t regret getting my tongue pierced at all! It was one of the best decisions of my life and I feel empty without my barbell in.