A pastor at a church in Austin, Daryl Belamares has been recognized for having the largest stretched earlobes at about five and a half inches that can perfectly frame another person’s face.

To pierce means to puncture or cut a part of the body so that a piece of jewelry can be worn. This act has been practiced for many years throughout the world and has grown significantly in popularity more recently. From tribes in Africa, to Ancient Rome and as far away as India. Each having their own reasons for modifying their bodies in many different ways. Some do it for religious reasons while others may need to conform to their culture. Then you have those who simply pierce for shock value or even sexual pleasure. No matter the reason, piercing is a great form of self expression and individuality.

photo by @creativepiercings



I have recently become an avid user of Instagram in doing so came across some interesting and extreme piercings that I was not familiar with. For instance the corset piercing stuck out to as a very unique one and I wondered how one might wear that in day to day life. What I found out is that most corset piercings are intended to be temporary, they are often used for photo shoots or piercing events and only kept in for a day or two sometimes even just a few hours.  Another piercing that caught my eye was the mouth gauging. I thought i had seen it all until this. Pretty sure this one is strictly for shock value and it definitly does the trick.  In places such as Africa and Ethiopia these lip gauges are used as a sign of maturity or social importance.


No matter what part of your body you decide to pierce or gauge just make sure you do your homework when it comes to choosing a piercer and aftercare is of the utmost importance. Always continue to be yourself and express your individuality!!mouth gauges