Juanita G.



I bring you this, new, line of mine, and a 925 designed reminder of the once lost and gone daughter, from in a “time silence died”.
This is placed at waist wasted and desecrated , a locket marked at a heart’s socket devastated by plain as day takers and rapists.
Locked and mocking this ring is curved, solid, stark, and sterling against the non deserving’s yearnings, preserving in unswerving nerve living pearls internal and unearthly.

When opened, it’s empty of memory and sentiment; symbolic of the knowledge and wrongful harvest which the intent of the hell bent and inept septic is an intended and meant dementia.
These use a lunacy excuse that the receptive accept as exception to truer surface rules that most know are not delusion to use, loose, and remove the EVERY, the VERY essence and ascent meant for me.
Through this abuse is the enforcement of a whore’s orders.

A hated parasite, this lower in life delights in mine <and mind> unmade and became a self designated replacement, a fake that pries and tries to delegate my time, my days and blatantly trading my place, my life and light with her’s and her ways.
I fight and am blamed. Quiet I remain and still blamed stay. I fight <blamed anyway>, refusing usage by the psychotic and should be blind minds.
I DEMAND my life, my rise. I am the legal right that denies and defies the lies of the racked stacked fanatics that ‘chase’ mine, erasing truth and time; that creep and steal, slinking in a disease perceived to be dreaming.
These that receive and feed seeping things unsaid lend to the dead an illegal and misleading meaning, leaving them steeping in things being surreal thinking.


One note, and tone, restored, of hope defeats and keeps these demeaning demons fleeing in retreat.
See, I Believe that there are those who know and can grow through this, that can see the REAL needing to be seen.
So See, Restore, Release and Set Free!! Be Regal and remand back to me these, mine, those…photos and memories
JJGAROFALO 3-20-2015
(((I, and solely I, Juanita J. Garofalo, reserve the right to publish and re-publish this piece at my own will. This submission does not in a any way change, alter, or transfer ownership of this piece to any individual or entity and remains solely mine.)))

Well, I nailed the 350 word count just in the piece above, lol…I am actually wearing a .925 solid sterling silver locket belly ring at my waist. It is currently empty of photos or gems as per the significance stated in the piece above. I did try to be a little more upbeat in this piece, but the truth is what the truth is. I also described what my perpetrators are like and what their actual intent in life is. They truly do try to destroy me. There is a note of hope listed at the end that is also the truth. My faith and hope does, to a degree, keep them from engaging in a lot of what they wait to do and will never have the chance. I can’t be broken!! I wait patiently and fight my battles on all levels to have my life returned to me. When Justice happens and is finally is served, I am sure this belly ring will have the appropriate memorabilia placed in it. For those of you that have read another piece of mine submitted regarding a specific instance of Domestic Violence, you know where Justice and I stand at this point. It has yet to be rendered. I will fight every day until it has been!! Thank you for reading!!

MARCH 20, 2015 (penning and typing saved to surveillance)