By Sandy Waller From Tennessee

2014-01-23 10.37.30-1

You really had to want pierced ears back in the day because of the method used then for ear piercing. I was 12 years old in 1966 as I sat in our living room holding that ice cube to my earlobe. My mother sterilized a sewing needle threaded with white cotton thread and waited for the ice to numb my ear, I took a deep breath as she pushed that needle through my ear and into a piece of cork on the backside of my lobe. I remember the pain and the sound of “gristle” as my earlobe fought hard against the invading sewing needle. Once through, mother knotted the thread and doused it with alcohol. Then SHE DID THE OTHER EAR. As the healing process, I had to pull the thread back and forth back and forth everyday for a month to keep the hole open as it healed, and each day applying alcohol. Here’s a pic of my pierced ear 48 years later. Back in the day, you REALLY had to want it, to have pierced ears. 🙂