By: Alisha From: Tennessee




My name is Alisha I am 23 years old and I got my first “real” body piercing about 3 months ago. I only had my ears pierced, I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I just dont have the guts to do that yet so I settled for a piercing. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to pierce, I just finished college so it was kind of a graduation gift to myself. I really wanted my belly button pierced but my uniform for work would probably interfere with the healing so I decided not to do that one just yet. I finally decided on getting a monroe piercing. I always thought that monroe piercing was cute I just never thought I would actually pierce my face but I did. The whole day I was doing a bunch of running around and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast which wasnt good being that I got my piercing at 3 in the afternoon! The piercer was awesome she prepped me marked my lip for placement she told me to relax and just breathe but I couldnt I was so excited and worked up as the needle was going through, I didnt realize it but I guess I held my breath… long story short I got really light headed after she put the jewelry through. I ended up having to lay down and drinking some water before I could actually leave can we say embarrassing. Aside from me almost passing out from not eating and being way to excited I love my labret monroe.