By: Audree From: Utah


My Body piercing stories are pretty typical, I have 10 piercings 5 of which are in my face. I have always liked piercings and tattoos. My first piercing was my nose, I was 15 and I begged and begged my mom to let me get my nose pierced after 4 months of convincing and nagging her I was finally able to get it. That then led to me getting my belly button and first tongue ring. My senior year of high school she allowed me to get a labret and medusa. My favorite piercing is the medusa, I guess because it was the least painful of them all. My most recent piercing though is my second tongue piercing, I had originally gone in for a tongue web piercing, I really wanted one but the piercer told me I didnt have enough meat down there to pierce so I just went for the second tongue ring. I think it may be the beginning of me starting to split my tongue who knows.