By Say from Chicopee, MA

Essentially I went in with intentions of getting venom bites, after I realized how much more damaging it was to your teeth, I decided to do a vertical double tongue piercing. The piercer began piercing from back to front. The one in the back went in which virtually no pain, since i had the peircing a few years back. The clamp remained on my tongue as he proceeding to pierce my second whole. I felt like my tongue was being ripped open. I bled a bit but I survived. He got the balls on and from the shop to the car my tongue was officially fucked.

I could barely eat for the first 3 days, after that I couldn’t take it and found ways to eat. I had a BAD LISP from the moment I got it done. I called out of work day 3 & 4 due to the lisp. I had no choice but to be back at work day 5. Going into day 6 I notice a little bit of swelling going down, at this point my lisp was still out of control and I had kanker sores under my tongue. Day 8 I could control my lisp a bit tongue swelling not all the way down til about day 12. Day 14 I get my barbells downsized, lisp is fully gone. I love the way they look now. I’m glad I waited for them to heal, this way by far one of the worst healing processes ever (and I have 21 piercings) but def worth it now.