By: Kim From: Alabama



It took me a few months to figure out which piercing I wanted to do next, I had my cartilage pierced before but it was done many many many years ago with a gun and it just didnt work out well for me so I ended up taking it out. I really wanted to get it again but I was also torn between the tragus piercings. The tragus piercings looks so cute and I really wanted it. So I decided to start out with the cartilage because the tragus looked extremely painful. I did research the tragus piercing to see how other people would rate the pain level and of course everyone has a different answer, so I decided to hold off on the piercing and just re-pierce my cartilage. I headed down to the tattoo shop with the intention of only getting my cartilage pierced after I filled out the paper work I sat on the piercing table and watched as the piercer sterilized the jewelry and set up everything for my piercing. She marked my ear and when I was happy with the placement she told me to take a deep breath and breathe out and it was done, I didn’t really feel anything just a slight pinch. Since it was virtually painless I told her to just pierce my tragus while we’re at it! She went to get the jewelry for the piercing, came back and marked my ear for placement of the jewelry. She put the clamps on my tragus and had to bend it forward to make sure the placement would be right. When she started to pierce I could hear the needle tearing through my cartilage and it got stuck, she had to use quite a bit of force to complete the piercing. The piercing itself wasn’t painful but there was a lot of pressure and you can hear every little thing. My piercings are healing up nicely I plan to get my rook done next!