By Shayla Elliott From: Canada



Ever since I was 18 and got my belly button pierced, I have been addicted. Planning out my next ten or so piercings was my form of daydreaming from then on.

Since getting pierced professionally isn’t cheap, it seemed like it would be a while before I was able to actually get a new one.

Then one day I was at a tattoo shop, around three years later, getting my tattoo completely redone. I decided that was the day! I asked if their piercer was busy today, or if she could squeeze me in. They said she had time. I was ecstatic, I was finally getting pierced again!

While my tattoo was being finished, I tried to decide where I wanted it. I stay away from face piercings, as I am a mom and I also don’t like closing doors on myself job wise, so lip, eyebrow and nose were out.

I was torn between my tongue and the bottom of my belly button. My uncle, who drove me, told me to do both. I could only afford one with the tattoo, so he offered to pay for the other on for my birthday, which was coming up.

After four hours of painful tattooing, they tried to convince me to come for the piercings another day, which was not happening. I have a pretty good pain tolerance and really just thought it would be better to get it all done in one day. Why drag it out over more than one day, right?

I hopped up into the seat and laid back and had her pierce my belly button first. One of my favourite places to be pierced, I love how it feels. No pain, just a vertical line if pressure running up the centre of my stomach. Then she had me stick out my tongue and she prepared the second needle and clamp.

Not going to lie, of all my tattoos and piercings, my tongue scared me the worst. The thought of a needle going through it terrified me. Then she pushed it through. Again, no pain. A slight pinch and pressure then it was over. Recovery on the tongue ring was the worst, by far. Couldn’t talk or eat for days. Luckily, it is also one of the fastest healing, a week and I was completely healed!

So in one day, I got tattooed and double pierced, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!