By: Catalina From: Texas

4sale blog

I had my belly button pierced for years and I wanted to to get another piercing I just didnt know what to get. So I was researching multiple belly button piercings and I came across a few ideas. I saw the double navel and fell in love. Before I went and got the piercings I called my local tattoo shop, spoke with the piercer and got all the details and they explained to me exactly how the piercings would be done. At the time I was pretty apprehensive about getting it because my work uniform would possibly interfere with the bottom piercing. Since the piercing is on the bottom the piercer told me I had to be extra careful not to get it caught on any clothing and to keep it from getting irritated. So I waited until my vacation time came around and I had a week off from work and I had plenty of time to get my piercing done. I went with my sister to get it done she wanted an industrial barbell so we decided to get pierced together. When I got to the tattoo shop I was pretty nervous, I didnt know what to expect but I did remember how badly my first navel piercing was and I just wanted to get it over with. So instead of letting my sister get pierced first I hoped up first and got it over with. I must say it was PAINFUL! and the healing process was NOT fun either it was way harder to take care of than my first belly button ring and it kept getting caught on all of my pants. Now that my piercing is healed I love it! Now Im thinking about doing the sides.