By Jennifer T.  from Downy, CA

I got a double nape at monkeys to go tattoo shop in Whittier, ca by Christopher the Piercer.  the piercing was done with a 14G needle followed through with a 14G barbell that was slightly bent on the ends to form a half square shape.  I got two napes one above the other, the bottom one being slightly longer than the top one making a pyramid type look.  Napes are surface piercings and like typical surface piercings healing are a lot different.  Most surface piercings either reject or settle.  Most napes settle so they do not fully heal but become settled but if removed can close. after a month of healing the piercings and moved a bit but the following years they have been fine and after i changed the jewelry with smaller barbells that fit snug they look perfect. I used internal threading jewelry for a while.  internal thread jewelry were my favorite to use since the top jewelry were flat disc and were a lot more discreet; and did not take up as much space as outer threading balls on normal jewelry.  I used internal thread jewelry for half the time I had the piercings.  I do not currently have internal thread jewelry because after loosening the jewelry I lost the top and had to put back in my old jewelry.  Putting and taking off the jewelry is not difficult nor is it painful; however I do not keep the jewelry for hours at a time because they can close.  I occasionally take the jewelry out to soak and clean; I quickly clean and replace the jewelry as to keep it from closing.  because they are surface piercing they require constant care for the life of the piercings; however its less than usual like fresh piercings which require daily cleaning and maintenance.  I still clean my piercings daily when I shower but not any extra like when i first got the piercings.  i have not had any problems what so ever with my napes; nor have I had any infections early on or even lately.  My double nape piercings are definitely one of my favorite piercings and as a girl it’s not always noticeable when my hairs down; but when they show I always gets compliments. =]