By Emily L. from Bristol, RI

Emily' Ear Jewelry

Last year I decided to get multiple cartilage piercing’s. (A different color each rhinestone stud earring, to form a rainbow.) I thought to save money it would be better if I did it myself, so I bought a sterilized piercing needle off of Ebay. I would just numb my ear with an ice cube and then push the needle through. On a couple times when putting in earrings, I lost the hole, so blood kept pouring out until I was able to get the earring back in (It was extremely difficult and time consuming, because of how short the earring stems were) After all that, I finally was pleased. However, it swelled up a lot and was a bit red, and within a week it still didn’t look much better. I went online and read horror stories about piercing infections (like how one girls infection got so bad she had to have surgery, and part of her ear was removed and was deformed for life) and got really paranoid that I had an infection. It was strange though, because it wasn’t leaking blood or odd fluids, just bad swelling. I decided to just try sea salt soaks and hope it would cure up on it’s own (so long as it didn’t get any worse)

So eventually it did heal on it’s own after a month or so, I’m happy to say! I think I’m done with doing my own piercing’s, safer and quicker to just go to a professional, and so you know things are done right. I don’t regret doing it though, as I do love my rainbow! I haven’t seen many people with rainbows, I think because it’s hard to find cartilage earrings in multiple colors. It requires up-keeping though, as the studs keep falling off after a couple weeks, so I have to keep gluing them back on. It’s also difficult with screwball type earrings to get them in. I wish they sold just the push in kind (16g) like regular earrings in multiple colors. I haven’t yet seen them, I’m hoping one day a company will make them. (Either that, or some type of glue that will stick permanently.)

The photo included is when it was still swollen and not fully healed.