Lip piercings are a growing trend nowadays. This fashion statement has become popular over the years and many people are opting for various kinds of lip piercings using different styles of lip rings. Knowing what types of lip rings are available in the market will make it easier for you to choose a lip ring you feel comfortable with.

Full Rings & Partial Rings

The most common and simple kind of lip rings are the full or partial lip rings. These are very easy to insert and can be pierced on any area of the lip; the corners or the middle and the upper or the lower lip. However, it is advisable that you pierce the ring off center on one corner of the mouth to avoid any trouble while eating or drinking. You can pierce your lip at more than one place if you like.

You can also try out different styles of lip piercing by experimenting with your lip rings. If you pierce at two corners of the lower lip and one on the upper lip, this piercing style is known as an Angel Bite style.

Studs and Barbells

Many people prefer studs and barbels lip accessories as well. A stud juts out above the skin and can be pierced at any place around the mouth. You can have the snake or spider bite styles of piercings with your stud lip ring. A barbel is more like a hoop or is twisted in shape and can pierce the lip at two places.

Filtrum and Labret

Most studs have a shaped object on one end like an arrow, ball, star, etc. These studs, when placed above the lower lip, are known as filtrum piercings and when they are placed between the lower lip and the chin, they are known as labret piercings.