Mary From Cincinnati


I don’t have anything pierced other than my ears. When I first was introduced to dermals was about 3 years ago when my younger brothers girlfriend got dermals in her tattoo. It looked like diamonds just floating on her skin. I loved the look. I wanted to do something different something dainty. I dont have any tattoos either so going in to this whole piercing myself thing was quite scary. I decided to get the dermal directly in the middle of my neck. I held off on the process for about 6 months after watching a few videos on how a dermal piercing is done. Time helped me grow the will to actually get pierced. I went to the shop by myself just in case I punked out I would be by myself. I got to the piercers chair and he had this tool that looked like a whole punch. He told me to take a deep breath and he literally punched a hole in my neck. It was pretty painful and quite uncomfortable. After a while I got use to it, I love my piercing!