Tyley J.

Once I got my first piercing it was difficult to quit. They are addicting to say the least. They are a fun and sometimes unique way to represent yourself. I, of course had the basic lobe piercings since I was a baby, but as I got older the need to add more became overwhelming. I went with my mom when she wanted to get her nose pierced and on a split-second decision I decided I wanted to get a Monroe piercing. My mom liked the idea and signed off for me to get it. I was so happy with it and actually quiet shocked at how easy it was. The healing was not as fun but it was worth it in the long run. The lip was only the start. Following it I went for a nose, belly button and more ear piercings. They were great and I love them still but I wanted something else, something a little different. I decided ultimately on a chest dermal. I wear a lot of low cut tops and what better way to accentuate my style then to get a pretty jewel on my chest. So I scrounged up $50 and invited my friend to go down to the only shop that did dermal piercings. My friend, who also has her share of piercings, was only too happy to come along. I went into the shop excited and ready for my new addition. The process was a lot longer than my previous piercings because of the centering and the more complex way of it but it was worth it. I picked out a clear jewel and laid down while my piercer went to work. I expected it to hurt really badly and was pleasantly surprised at how mild it was. It was just a hard pinch. I looked in the mirror and fell in love with it. I immediately wanted another one and two months later I repeated the process. The money was completely worth it and the extra care in making sure I do not catch them on anything is also worth it. They can be a pain sometimes but I would get them all over again if I could. If you want a piercing just go out and get it. They are fun and a less permanent way than tattoos of expressing yourself. I love all my piercings and will get more in the future.