By Carina L. from USA


When I was fourteen I told my mom I wanted my nose pierced. Thinking I would change my mind in a few months, like I did with most of my fashion choices during that time, she made me a deal. If I still wanted it by the time I turned seventeen I could get it without her ever nagging about it or trying to talk me out of it. I agreed and though there was a belly button piercing at sixteen that my mom did not approve of, I did not mention or attempt to get my nose piercing until my seventeenth birthday was coming up. It is just easier if mom is happy. The belly button piercing was a spontaneous decision, and she was fine with it, as long as she didn’t have to see it, but the nose is a little harder to hide. So my seventeenth birthday came around and I mentioned the deal. She remembered, mostly because she was hoping I would forget, but she is not a good liar and admitted the deal was made. My mom’s one condition was that my sister drive because she thought the pain might make me pass out on the ride home. I wanted my sister there anyway so it was fine, and we made plans to go after school. I kept psyching myself out, thinking about how much pain I would be in, and my dad’s blood loss jokes the night before did not help. Still after school I found myself with a needle fast approaching my nose. I was nervous, since any nose injury no matter how slight makes my eyes water. And have you ever plucked a nose hair? Admit it, you have. And that HURTS. Well to me, that hurt more than getting my nose pierced. My mom was glad I got a diamond stud and even had to admit it looked good. She was less pleased with the hoop I put in a few months later. Then I headed off to art school where everyone had the hoop and I felt less cool for having it, though I still think they look awesome, I just felt the need to always be a little different. So I searched for a unique stud. Guess where that brought me?! Where I found cute studs, like the curly type one in the photo. Four years and a few more piercings later, including my tongue and dermals by my collar bone, I am still wearing nose studs from body, and I am always getting compliments.