It is a Daily Battle to fit in a Society where piercings are still not Been Accepted. 

Every day I wake up and I think which piece should I wear? Should I hide them? Should I just use them at night time when I go out? What should I do? I feel this way, every day, before getting ready to start my day. Today, I will be revealing all, my tricks advice and recommendations for having the best experience with your body jewelry and also enjoy it without being criticize by anybody.

Knowing the tricks

Sometimes you are surrounded by people that will tell you “OMG!! I Love your piercing “ or “You look amazing”. However, they will be times that people will tell you “don’t you regret making that whole in your body?”. For this kind of people, my answer is a “No, I don’t regret it”. It is something that is exciting and that I love.  Today I will be sharing with you,  my tricks, because yes even thought that we might not want to be affected by it, we still are.

For me, my best solution to avoid this issue and avoid been discriminated is to use piercing retainers. Why? You are going to still have the hole without hurting yourself in addition to that you will still have everything looking great and if after work/meeting/dinner you can just change the top part and you will be having your piercing back again.

Also, you avoid the uncomfortable situation and avoid all the bad looks and rejection that you might encounter. Yes, many people may tell you don’t talk to that person or find another job, but at the end of the day is something that is not that easy and we can be prepared for all type of situations.

Have you ever heard about Piercing Retainers?

They come in glass and acrylic and honestly it may be your best solution to avoid a bad encounter and to avoid drama and keep enjoying what you love. Piercing retainers have nice results because they are clear people will see it only if they look in close detail.  Of course, you always need to be careful and safe because some people might be allergic to acrylic so before doing anything check am I allergic to the material? I cover my gauges and people sometimes thinks that are earnings and that I just look cute.

For me, it has worked great and it protects my piercing and it doesn’t hurt me. Whenever I feel I might encounter a bad situation or uncomfortable I am now always prepared, and I wanted to share my secret with you and give you the recommendations so you enjoy your piercing the most.  offers you a large variety of retainers from different body parts and they also offer the supplies for the care. They offer piercings in gold, silver 925,  and in a lot of materials to satisfy your needs and taste.

Nose Piercing Retainer
Nataly from @positivelypiercing shows you how it looks.






Monroe Retainer