By Katrina A. from USA

Katrina's Septum Piercing

I started getting piercings right after I turned 18. I come from a very conservative family, so the majority of my first piercings were all body piercings — nipple, belly button, etc — easy to hide from my parents. As time went on, I became bolder with my body modification. I got my septum pierced when I was 18. I gauged it up from the standard 14gauge to a 10gauge, which is where it is now. It was my favorite piercing for a very long time.

When I turned 21, however, I got my Medusa pierced. For those of you who do not know, Medusa piercings are small piercings that consist of a stud in the upper lip right where it dips, beneath your septum. It became my favorite piercing immediately. I’ve always worked in restaurants, and in the restaurant world septum and other facial piercings are not acceptable. So I take out my vertical lip ring and septum ring for my job, but I leave in my Medusa. It’s overall socially acceptable, it’s cute, it brings a feminine touch to my personality that wasn’t there before with many of my piercings. And, honestly, it’s not that common of a piercing — I frequently get comments of “I’ve never seen that before.” It’s a great conversation starter and the perfect accessory to my days. Wouldn’t take it out for anything. I’m comfortable with my face.