By: Kira L. From: Ohio


My body piercing journey started when I was about 20 years old, I started out with a tongue ring. I was away at college and all of my friends were getting piercings and tattoos and the best part about it I didn’t have to hear my parent’s opinion of my new addition. So I decided to get my tongue pierced before I got any tattoos. I didn’t have any piercings besides my ears and I didn’t want a huge responsibility for aftercare and after doing research and asking others with tongue piercings I decided it was the easiest to do with a fast healing time. I went to a tattoo shop around the corner from my University to get pierced. Me and three other friends went to get piercings we two of us got tongue piercings and the other got an industrial piercing. I was the first to get pierced of course they wanted to see me sweat. I sat in the chair and the piercer was really nice he gave me a pep talk telling me that it hurts a lot more to bite my tongue and that the piercing will be a breeze. That’s easy for someone to say when they have tattoos and piercings everywhere so despite his pep talk I was still petrified of the pain. He told me to stick my tongue out he marked my tongue, put the clamps on and I closed my eyes and before I knew it, it was done. My tongue didn’t bleed as bad as I thought it would but boy was talking and eating difficult for a while.  I am now 33 and I have 12 piercings and counting and each one of them has significance to me which makes them even more awesome!