When it comes to body piercing and body modification it is important that you put thought into each step of the process. The initial piercing is only the beginning. Before getting a piercing done, you should do your research. There are many different materials that body jewelry comes in like surgical steel, titanium, sterling silver, solid gold, gold plated, anodized titanium and the list goes on.

When you have a fresh piercing you have to remember that it is a fresh wound and it should be treated as such. Aside from keeping your piercing clean, you can experience problems with migration and rejection due to having the wrong type of jewelry in. Most piercers use a piece of surgical steel as the initial piercing jewelry, but you as the customer can have the piercing done with another type of metal if you choose. Many people have allergic reactions to certain metals as a result the body rejects the jewelry resulting in the jewelry coming out of the skin. If you are experiencing irritation and it does not seem to be an infection it is most likely the jewelry. The safest jewelry to use in this case is solid titanium. Solid titanium body jewelry is the safest to use as many people do not have an allergic reaction to it and it is a very durable metal. 14k solid gold would be the next option, of course its solid gold so the price tag may be a bit higher than your average piece of body jewelry but it is worth it. Nickel free surgical steel would be the last and final option. Medical grade surgical steel is the best surgical steel to use in your piercings, many jewelry companies and tattoo shops advertise surgical steel but please be sure to check that it is nickel free. Many people have a bad reaction to nickel and that is normally what causes the irritation.

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