From Wendy From: Georgia




I can proudly say that I am pretty much pierced from head to toe. I had gotten bored with the typical body piercings and I really wanted something different. I really wanted my clavicle pierced as a surface piercing but I wanted to do something a bit more extreme. One of the bartenders that work with had just gotten two dermals on each side of her chest near her clavicle and I was in love with the look. I’d finally found what I wanted to get a chest full of dermals because nothing I do can be small. I had off on a Wednesday night off and I headed directly for the piercing studio. I have been dealing with my piercer for the past 6 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else, when I told him what I wanted he almost flipped, but was excited to do it. I ended up getting 13 dermals going across my chest and I must say they have to be my favorite piercings yet. My next project is to put a tattoo around them.