After you get a new piercing it can be extremely exciting you all you want to do is get that plain old jewelry out of your piercing and put something of your choice in it, but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. After getting a new piercing the aftercare is extremely important and part of that aftercare process is not changing your jewelry before it is time. Many people aren’t familiar with the suggested healing time for each piercing and assume that since it “looks” healed its ok to change the body jewelry. If your piercing “looks” healed and you decide to change the jewelry before it is time you  can possibly rip or tear inside of the piercing making the healing time even longer. We have put together a chart of common piercings and the healing time that should be allotted for each piercing.


Body Piercing healing time- The “OK” to change your body jewelry

Navel/belly button- 4-6 months

Labret/Lip/Monroe/Medusa- 3-6 weeks

Nose/Septum- 4-6 weeks

Eyebrow- 4-6 months

Nipple- 6-8 months

Tongue- As soon as the swelling goes down

Cartilage- 8 weeks

Everyone’s body is different some piercings take longer to heal for others so if you are not sure if you can change your body jewelry after the allotted time, it is best to see your piercer and have them determine if you should change it or not. The last thing you want to do is to be unsure and try and change it yourself and run into complications later on.