Buff C.


My wife and I had just separated and she was trying to get me to come back to her, but strictly on her terms, which were not acceptable. I decided that I needed to do something that I knew she would not approve as a statement of my independence. I considered getting a tattoo, but they are so permanent and most of them get ugly with age. About that time, I met a man with one nipple pierced. I asked about it and he was quite happy to discuss it with me. I later did some reading and found that it was quite symbolic.
The Spartans were slave/warriors for Rome. The wore Roman breast-plate armor and Roman capes. When they rebelled against Rome, they lost the armor, thus had no place to attach the capes. They pierced their nipples in order to attach their capes for battle bare-chested. When the regular Roman soldiers saw what the Spartans had done, the Romans ran from the battlefield, psyched out by the Spartans. It became a symbol of those who will not be enslaved to anyone.
I thought this was a perfect statement for the termination of my marriage. I also thought of the symbolism that I was taking a ring off my finger and one out of my nose and putting one through my left nipple.
When my children told their mother about it, she took me to court to try to get my visitation rights removed because of it. I won that battle in court, although the judge thought I was weird, she didn’t think it was a reason for me not to have visitation with my children. I decided that I would never remove it and would be buried with it.
The one I got at that time, horizontal in my left nipple, was maintained about 9 years. Eventually, it migrated to the point that I was afraid it would get torn out accidentally and I stopped wearing it for a few years until it was fully closed. I then went to get it re-done and, also had one put vertically through my right nipple.