Many of you may not know but June 28th is in fact International Body Piercing Day! Being a lover of all things Body Jewelry I felt the need to share with you this wonderful day and how it came to be. Body Piercing Day is originally dedicated to Jim Ward, often hailed as “the granddaddy of the body piercing movement”. Jim Ward has been a highly influential part of the newer body modification movement, with a specific focus on body piercing. He helped to develop basic piercing techniques and focused on genital piercing.

Throughout th_modded_mistress_e past few decades body piercing has been used to show the many sides of a person from religious views to self expression. The true history of body piercing is a foggy one but we do know it’s been around a long time and has grown significantly in popularity. There are so many ways to decorate your skin!

Why not take this day to explore new and exciting ways to express yourself. Go out and get that piercing you’ve always wanted! Whether it be your nose, belly, eyebrow, tongue, lip, ears, nipples…I could go on but you get the idea. What better way to let people know you are different and special!