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Choosing the right Jewelry

  When it comes to body piercing and body modification it is important that you put thought into each step of the process. The initial piercing is only the beginning. Before getting a piercing done, you should do your research. There are many different materials that body jewelry comes in like surgical steel, titanium, sterling silver, solid gold, gold plated,…

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Embellish your Feminine Grace with Stylish Belly Rings

Dangling or non-dangling? Pearls or beads? Heavy weight or light? Golden or silver? What actually makes belly rings so attractive and appealing? Why have they gained much fame lately? Why are so many models and celebrities seen wearing them? Keep reading to find out. Belly rings are appealing and charming items of attraction that can certainly give you a sexy…

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Body Piercing Plastic and Glass Materials

To continue with our previous post on materials used for body jewelry, we will now introduce plastics and glass.   Glass: Glass is a common piercing material which has been used for thousands of years. For example, earplugs made of glass have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. If correctly shaped and manufactured, glass can be an functional material: comfortable to wear,…

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Body Jewelry Metal Materials

If you are wondering what type of metal material you should get for your piercings, here is a few facts about each type of material. STEEL: Surgical steel, also referred to as Implant grade steel is a steel alloy that is the most common body piercing material in the United Staes. It can be polished to a shiny surface, and many…

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