By: Melissa H.

Cartilage Piercing

When I moved out of my parent’s house I wanted to get a new piercing as a celebration/mile stone remembrance. I decide to get my cartilage pierced. When I was a kid I would put the old fashion screw on earrings as a cartilage earring. I guess I had always wanted to get a piercing there. I had moved to a city that had a well-known body piercing place. I was really excited to get it done. My boyfriend at the time came with me to hold my hand (which I never squeezed). They had me lay down after placing the dot for the piercing. The guy who was piercing me called another guy in to ask him to look at my ear and to see if they had a small length needle. I have really thin ears at the top. Sometimes you can see the light come through them. They had never seen an ear that thin before. They pierced me with a barbell that was 16g that is used for labret piercings. I really liked the piercing. As I continued to get more piercings and went to different places to get them done at I found that the place I got my cartilage done pierced me wrong. They put the piercing too far in on my ear. Needless to say I don’t think I could ever wear cuffs. I have found that I like horseshoes better than anything on my cartilage. This is because I sleep on my sides and with the horseshoe the ring can move more freely. When I had gotten it first pierced I had issues of the jewelry getting pushed off to one side. I don’t know why piercers use the barbells but oh well. I also have to be careful what jewelry I buy as I am allergic to surgical steal. I wish that I was not allergic as there are much cooler and cheaper jewelry to wear. I have found that more and more places are offering more options.